Hey there. You’ve arrived at what you thought would be The Woodworker’s Journey.

In October, 2009 I began The Woodworker’s Journey as a means of sharing lessons and experiences from over 15 years in woodworking and furniture making.

It quickly grew into a hub of information to enable people to turn their passion into a business. A path I didn’t intend, but embraced. But, after 2 years of this pursuit, the time came for me to step away and focus on my own journey with intensity.

I tossed ideas around for months of about how to best step away and still maintain the site. Unfortunately, without someone there to watch over it and connect with the people, there was just no way to do it as a solo-preneur. So, I made the decision to close it down and focus solely on the pursuits ahead.

Here are some other extremely valuable resources from some people I know that will give you the edge in making the leap into the world of the professional woodworker.

The Woodwhisperer Guild

If you’re not familiar with Mark Spagnuolo and his work, you should be. He’s built this place as a community dedicated to furthering the craft of woodworking. Inside you’ll find private chats, members-only interviews/resources, and regular projects that hone your abilities and push your limits. This is a perfect place to discover like-minded woodworkers who live their passion.

Hand Tool School

Shannon Rogers is a true Renaissance Man. His love of woodworking coupled with his intense passion for hand tools and traditional techniques have led to what I consider, one of the most valuable resources available to woodworkers online – The Hand Tool School. As a member, you’ll enjoy painstakingly assembled lessons in video format as well as open discussions on techniques and tools. Each semester, the projects just keep getting better and more challenging, and by the end you’ve built several pieces strictly by hand. Coming from a solid education in traditional woodworking I can’t even begin to impress upon you the value these techniques bring to your work. If you’re looking for a way for you and your furniture to stand above the crowd, then please consider enrolling today.

Matt’s Basement Workshop

Matt Vanderlist is considered to be the “Pod Father” of online woodworking and he proves it each and every time he broadcasts. For over five years, Matt has been consistently producing articles, podcasts, and videos that not only educate, but entertain. His sense of humor is legendary and I can honestly tell you he’s a brilliant soul that will leave you a better person for getting to know him.

Tom’s Workbench

Tom Iovino has been a champion for the woodworking weekend warrior for quite a while. With his tool reviews, surveys, and discussions, Tom’s has the pulse on what’s happening in the internet woodworking world. If you want to be informed, entertained, and align yourself with woodworkers making it happen, then check out Tom. He’s a passionate person worthy of your time.

Scott Meek Handtools

Scott Meek is a good friend, and a passionate toolmaker. His specialty is modern wooden handplanes that are both highly precise, and strikingly beautiful. No furniture maker worth their salt would be caught without proper handtools, and Scott fills the bill in an elegant way. Check him out and I promise you’ll never think about your old Stanley again.