Found: Thoughts From Earl Nightingale

I find a lot of things online everyday that inspire, teach, and move me. So, I’ve decided to start sharing them.

I found this video while searching on YouTube. What follows are the highlights that stuck out to me. I hope you’ll take a small 30 minute break, pen and paper ready, and see what comes to the surface for you as you listen.

How can I contribute to the prosperity of others?

We become what we think about.

The knowing of what I want is an invaluable opportunity to think it and feel it into existence.

Financial return (or any other measure of success) is in direct proportion to service.

Success is a blank canvas ready for us to define it. It’s not the result of making money. Instead, making money is the result of success.

In closing here’s one of my favorite segemnts from Alan Watts on working and “making” a living.

AND for good measure, here’s Mr. Watts again on The Real You. You’re Welcome.