the humanity blueprintexistence mastery by design

Complicated and chaotic are not necessary ways of life. Unfortunately, it’s become the new “normal” for too many. Including you.

You’re here because you’ve finally decided that it’s no longer acceptable to settle for the chaotic free fall you’re living day in and day out.

Yes, the high level work you’re immersed in each day can be complicated. Yes, there are many moving parts to your life. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept chaos as a way of being.

Mastery involves transforming the complicated and chaotic into the simple and effortless. That’s right – simple and effortless. Isn’t that what we all want – to experience the flow of effortless achievement in our lives?

You’ve mastered so much of your life already. Why haven’t you mastered this?


Imagine never again being overwhelmed by anything. Always being up for the unforeseen challenges that are inevitable in business and life. Waking up everyday without any worries, stress, or dread. Instead, feeling the steady calm of focus, confidence, and mastery. Nothing can derail your day as it flows simply and effortlessly.

I’m going to be honest, the idea of effortlessness as a way of life goes against most of what our culture worships as the standard hero’s journey.

We love a good story of triumph over adversity. That is why too many people end up overwhelmed, burnt out, or worse. They buy into the lie that effort is the great equalizer.

If heroic effort was really all it took, you wouldn’t be reading this.

However, if effort is properly leveraged with proven frameworks, emotional intelligence principles, and effective rapid skill development, what you end up with is your own customized success formula that you use over and over again in every area of life. It’s your Humanity Blueprint.

The end result is effortless flow in your day and a masterful command of growth in both your business and your life.

It’s really that simple. Easy? No. Simple? Absolutely.

how it works

When we work together, we leverage the power of proven frameworks to rapidly build the skills to get things done and regain control of your time and energy. The best part – this process is adaptable to anything you may face from now on.

Assess the current situation.What’s really going on, and how did it get this way? Assess what’s wanted with specific clarity and laser focus.
Address the most pressing issues.What’s at the heart of the matter? Discover the sources, design the solutions, and implement them.
Track the process and the results.Keep track of how solutions are practiced as well as the results. Build habits of measurement to track progress, growth, and skill development.
Adjust as changes and challenges arise.There will always be unforeseen challenges. So, learning how to adjust and adapt to keep momentum is crucial.
Educate and support as the momentum grows.Once the initial process is underway, it’s vital to have ongoing support through the whole process to build the coveted effortless flow.

We apply this framework to every part of your existence in order to design your blueprint for mastery.

I told you it was simple. Again, not always easy, but always simple.

To support your new Humanity Blueprint, you’ll also learn how to:

Rapidly develop any skill.
Solve anything that comes your way.
Communicate masterfully in any situation.
Negotiate like a seasoned veteran.

And a whole host of other skills and methodologies to transform your Blueprint into your everyday reality.

your strategic partner

For over fifteen years, I’ve been assisting people and companies with solving chaotic and complex problems.

In that time, I’ve advised startups from idea validation to execution, coached CEOs into six and seven figure realities, and also intervened in emergency crisis situations.

I decode behavior so you can leverage it for unprecedented effortless achievement. And occasionally solve the impossible problems.

Everything you experience within this coaching, hasn't gone untested. In fact, I've spent over ten years field testing these frameworks and methods with myself and others to move out of suicidal depression, obesity, CPTSD, crippling anxiety, relational immaturity, homelessness, poverty, and the list goes on.

I love Adam’s excitingly expansive, observant and open mind. His clarity of insight and wonderful curiosity are remarkable, as is his unique ability to create a safe space where you feel wholly seen, and excited to share your self and your ideas. The man has vision; I deeply value his support in growing mine, and I know he can skillfully and creatively support you in growing yoursT.J. author and CEO in Toronto
What We Do

We work together on a regular basis for a duration of 6-9 months, starting with the most pressing problem and working out from there. In effect, we create entirely new modes of operation for every area of life.

Initial deep dive call (between 90-150 minutes) where we’ll create clarity about where you want to be in six months and the strategies for accomplishing that vision.
Weekly strategic calls (up to 120 minutes) to support that vision and ensure progress.
Supplemental training and support to build the necessary skills as fast as possible with the highest rate of proficiency possible.
Custom training material to enhance progress on the vision.
Call recordings.
Secure encrypted storage of materials, calls, and files.
Regular email support between sessions.
Emergency strategic sessions and/or emails for those unforeseen opportunities to grow and expand faster than planned.
how to enrolltwo available packages
6 Month Package
$2,750 per month
or $16,500
9 Month Package
$2,500 per month
or $22,500

This coaching is only available through application/invite or referral. To begin enrollment, click below to fill out the application.

Deciding to live the effortless life isn’t for everyone

 If you’re finally fed up with expending more effort only to see a less than equal return, then perhaps you’re ready to join other executives, owners, and creators who truly value effortless simplicity and passionately pursue mastery.