Brilliance is Meant for Living Now: A Conversation With Farnoosh Brock

What does it take to live a healthy fulfilling life that supports yourself and your greatest desires? Farnoosh Brock is out to show you the way, as she leads by example. After creating her exit from the corporate world, Farnoosh set her sights on sharing her discoveries for brilliant living with as many people as […]

Can Spirituality Thrive in Business: A Conversation with Mark Silver

Can’t see the video? Click here. Mark Silver is on a mission to transform business from the inside out. As a coach, writer, speaker, and Sufi practitioner, Mark embodies the truth that spirituality and business go hand in hand. For over ten years, Mark has been guiding business owners down the path of creating heart-centered […]

Pricing From Personal Conviction: A Conversation With Tara Joyce

Can’t see the video? Click here. What’s your biggest hangup when it comes to pricing? Well, Tara Joyce is about to challenge that petty fear and turn it on it’s head. Tara is at the forefront of new pricing. Besides being a consultant, designer, and writer, she’s also a successful practitioner of “Value Pricing” and […]

Bringing Your Words to the World: A Conversation With Thom Chambers

In Treehouses is one of the most game-changing online publications to date. I highly recommend you become a subscriber after reading this interview. AK: Explain how you arrived at the concept of the micropublisher. TC: To me, there’s a whole new world of opportunity opening up in what used to be loosely termed ‘self-publishing’. In […]

Learn the Art of Earning Beautifully: A Conversation With Tara Gentile

I sit down with the brilliant Tara Gentile. Tara’s got a brand new take on earning in this new economy and we dive deep into the new paradigms for earning on your terms and in the most beautiful way possible. Tara Gentile Check out Grab your copy of The Art of Earning Follow Tara […]

Finding Your Place in Art: A Conversation with David Billings

*NOTE: The internet decided I would look better frozen. So, enjoy watching David react to a smiling head.* He’s an artist, illustrator, animator, and one of the nicest guys on the entire web. His name is David Billings, but you probably know him better as Sparky Firepants. David sits down in this episode to talk […]

Leaning Way Into Uncertainty with Jonathan Fields

When Jonathan told me he was coming out with a new book, I knew we’d be having a conversation around it, eventually. I also knew that his book would most certainly change things forever…yet again. On this episode of The Blueprint Series, I sit down with Jonathan and lean far into the story behind Uncertainty, […]