Found: Thoughts From Earl Nightingale

I find a lot of things online everyday that inspire, teach, and move me. So, I’ve decided to start sharing them. I found this video while searching on YouTube. What follows are the highlights that stuck out to me. I hope you’ll take a small 30 minute break, pen and paper ready, and see what comes to the surface for … Read More

A Formal Lesson From Frants

My Grandpa used to say that every man needs to own a tuxedo at some point in his life. Not rent. Own. A custom piece perfectly fit to his shape and size. My most fond picture of him is from his eightieth birthday party and he’s sporting his tuxedo. Grandpa’s theory was that if you owned a tux, you’d go … Read More

Savor Each Stroke

It’s a hurry-up world. Has been for several decades and it’s not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. That’s why it’s important to wind back the clock on certain activities that modern society has long since sped up. And in fact, there’s a revival of such slow-downs happening globally. The resurgence of slow food, slow growth, and bespoke indicate … Read More

In Praise Of The Original Pilots

There’s something to be said for finally finding that thing that just works. The fit, the feel, the undeniable union that was clearly organized by higher universal powers. That’s how I feel about my American Optical original pilot aviators. They’re from the late Vietnam era (1972-73) and were a treasure that I had long sought out. On my way to … Read More

How To Confuse People And Enjoy It

“I just want to know how to put you into a neat little box.” She said this as she mimed the sides of a cube in the air with her hands. She was getting a little frustrated that I didn’t have a concise answer to the question I get asked almost daily. “What is it that you do again?” Quite … Read More

30 Days At The Norblad

It’s hot. The black rubber roof is transmitting both visible heat waves and a subtle asphalt smell into my room via the only two windows I have. Ah, the room. A 10′ by 15′ palace that I call home at the “famous” Norblad hotel. It’s close to 90 degrees inside while outside is a perfect 75 and sunny. There’s no … Read More

Audio Interference

The incredible expansion of experimentation that’s happening around the distribution of words as content is mind-blowing. I’m all in favor of it, and am a happy consumer of a few of these new experiments. But as a former radio DJ, and someone who enjoys making audio, it leaves me wondering when audio will have it’s time in the sun for … Read More

The Not-A-Pocalypse

I feel cheated. The world did not end today as many thought it might. At the very least some were convinced of modern society’s collapse rather than total global annihilation. Admittedly, I’m both pleased and disappointed. I’m pleased there wasn’t complete destruction and fiery doom. But I’m disappointed there wasn’t a post-apocalyptic scenario to wake up to this morning. Something … Read More

Serve The Unlearned Ones

One of the best places to find people is at the stage of Unlearning. What is Unlearning? Well, by my definition, it’s the realization that one has been giving into hype, wrong beliefs, or false expectations. This is usually the point where a person makes the decision to create their own systems for achievement. I know in my own experiences, … Read More

Why Aren’t We Teaching How To Read?

How do you read online content? It’s interesting to learn how people consume information online. For some it’s a deliberate practice of order and for others it’s a scattered activity of trying to keep up. As a dyslexic, it’s very important for me to have no distractions while reading because it would take, and has taken me, forever to read … Read More