Greetings. I’m Adam King, and this is my site. Hence the name adamking(dot)me.

I’ve been trying for years to get the .com but a 50-something software engineer who shares my name won’t let it go.

It’s been said I’ve lived two lifetimes in half the time people barely get around to living just one. So, it’s safe to say I’ve had a lot of adventures, pursuits, and paths in my short time here on earth.

After much persuasion, I’m finally using this place to simply talk about anything and everything that strikes my fancy.

As a result, this site is simple a collection of thoughts, experiences, and observations from entrepreneurship, travel, art, design, and culture in general.

Adam King

After a long career in physical design and restoration, I turned my sights toward the digital world and the all the amazing opportunities that exist here.

Most of my work centers around connecting physical and digital projects via media production and content/image strategy.

Currently, I’m enjoying life in Northwestern Oregon and am quickly becoming addicted to sailing.